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Insane Pizza Cutting Skills

These guys clearly know what they are doing.

The Worst Penalty Kick Ever

Jonathan Soriano lines up and kicks one of the worst penalty kicks you'll ever see in a professional match.

What It's Like To Land On Mars

This video steps viewers through a portion of the choreography needed to land NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars. It starts with a computer simulation from NASA's Eyes on the Solar System program and uses actual images from Curiosity's Mars Descent Image. It ends with a high-resolution color image from Curiosity's Mast Camera.

Trying To Cheat Traffic

A classic case of Karma. This driver attempts to cheat a traffic jam and ends up totally paying the price.

Vigilante Justice

Don't mess with Brazilian vigilante crossing guards. They will make sure that you stop at the crosswalk.

Where Does A Millionaire Park His Lamborghini In Singapore?

This young millionaire just doesn't have enough space in Singapore where space is a commodity. Watch as the car is parked in his penthouse.

This is called Respect

A small gesture can mean so much. This guy gets our thumbs up.

Military Helicopter Surprises Driver

How often do you see something like that when you're driving down the highway? A military helicopter buzzes over a car speeding down a Russian road.

Ultimate Urban Playground

Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 is the bomb yo!

Fiery Car Crash

In Russia, an intense collision ends up setting both cars on fire. Miraculously, all occupants escaped without any injuries.

Isle Of Man

Highlights from the spectacular TT (Isle of Man) motorcycle road race 2012.

Just Driving Underwater

Driving a truck underwater.

World Record Corkscrew Jump

Brent Fletcher and Team Green broke the world record by twisting out a 92 foot corkscrew jump at the Hot Wheels test facility.
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